Gubkin mine (Korobkovskoye deposit)

Шахта им. Губкина (Коробковское месторождение)

Client: "Комбинат КМАруда"

Address: Gubkin mine is located in Gubkin of the Belgorod Region.

Services: General design

Since 2008 – to date, design and detail design documentation for enterprise production buildup is developed.

The design capacity of the mine after latest reconstruction of the conveyances is a little less than 5 MTPA of raw ore. While such intensity of mine development, the duration of write-off reserves of active floor will be 12-14 years.

“Technical design adjustment. Developing of new fields of the deposit for keeping the Gubkin mine capacity till year 2012.” is implemented, where the commence of works for modernization of flow processes and transmission to resource-reproducing non-waste geotechnology of full field development was designed in.

In response to professional analysis of economical situation and dynamic of reserves’ moving for stable activities of the enterprise, in year 2012 it was commenced a program of front-end and construction works for restocking of retired capacity.

Original way of choosing the most optimal solutions based on scientific and practice data, great attention to ecological requirements and industrial safety reflected in developed investment and condition feasibility study allowed the enterprise to move to the Design “Increase of ore mining capacity due to the reserves of Korobkovskoye deposit bottom levels” up to 7 MTPA with total confidence in chosen right option of mine development. Design documentation passed all required approvals including FAE Bureau of state expertise of Russian Federation, construction permit is obtained.

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Наталкинское месторождение

Natalka deposit

Gold ore deposit

Mining and Processing Works with 40 MTPA Throughput Based on Natalkinskoye Gold Field.

Качканарский ГОК. Месторождение «Собственно-Качканарское»

Kachkanarsky GOK (Kachkanarsky Mining and Processing Integrated Plant). Sobstvenno-Kachkanarskoe deposit

Different variants of ore stripping and transportation to existing process plant have been developed. Cutting edge technologies were used that allowed «fitting» new mining and transportation scheme into existing construction site at minimum expense.

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