Natalka deposit

Gold ore deposit

Наталкинское месторождение

Client: "Полюс"

Address: The Natalka gold deposit is located in the Ten’kinsky area of the Magadan Region in the Omchak River basin, 450 km away from Magadan.

Services: General design

Enterprise integrated design from feasibility study to design documentation for permafrost and seismic conditions is completed. Supervision is in progress. Different options of open pit configuration which enable operative response to modified market conditions were developed with computer modelling. Special design was developed for open pit mining in dormant underground mine conditions. To ensure enterprise safety and to decrease CAPEX and OPEX, research institutions were involved in the design. This enabled to decrease mined rock excavation and stockpiling volumes, employ local materials to arrange tailings dam, provide quarry reclamation by a complex of underground mine with conveyor transportation of overburden to dumps.
Unique crushing and grinding equipment unraveled in Russia is designed for gold-extraction plant. Ore transportation to plant is performed with main conveyor laid in tunnel inside mountain mass.
The project provides for tailings with face area over 10 km2 and dam over 100 m high.
Bypass channel over 22 km long is designed for Intrigan river diversion.
The design also includes over 300 infrastructure surface facilities including explosives, highly toxic substances stores, boiler stations, test laboratories as well as rotators' camp for over 2000 inhabitants.

All necessary approvals have been received for Project Documentation as well as for separate facilities:
  • FAE Glavgosexpertiza;
  • Safety Audit;
  • Approval of Central Committee for Solid Mineral Deposits Development of Rosnedra;
  • Safety and Health Certificate;
  • Approval of Federal Agency for Fisheries;
  • Environmental Seal of Approval for Waste Disposal Facilities (dumps, tailing, waste dump).

  • The design solutions have also acquired positive opinions of independent experts such as SRK Consulting (SA), Micon International Ltd (Canada), SNC-Lavalin (Canada).

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Наталкинское месторождение

Natalka deposit

Gold ore deposit

Mining and Processing Works with 40 MTPA Throughput Based on Natalkinskoye Gold Field.

Качканарский ГОК. Месторождение «Собственно-Качканарское»

Kachkanarsky GOK (Kachkanarsky Mining and Processing Integrated Plant). Sobstvenno-Kachkanarskoe deposit

Different variants of ore stripping and transportation to existing process plant have been developed. Cutting edge technologies were used that allowed «fitting» new mining and transportation scheme into existing construction site at minimum expense.

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