Korbalikhinskoye deposit

Lead and zinc deposit

Корбалихинское месторождение

Client: "Сибирь-Полиметаллы"

Address: The deposit is located in Rudny Altai north-east of Zmeinogorsk.

Services: General design

Design and detail design documentation for mine construction, including all necessary infrastructure. Design considers slicing method of development with stowing of extraction space, the main advantage of which is flexibility and ability to apply it almost at any mining-and-geological and geo-mechanical conditions, controlling slicing parameters and order of its development.

Documentation received all necessary approvals.

At present, accompanying ore mining is being performed from mine when constructing split layer at el +240 m and + 168 m in South-East part of the deposit.

Design construction supervision is in progress.

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Наталкинское месторождение

Natalka deposit

Gold ore deposit

Mining and Processing Works with 40 MTPA Throughput Based on Natalkinskoye Gold Field.

Качканарский ГОК. Месторождение «Собственно-Качканарское»

Kachkanarsky GOK (Kachkanarsky Mining and Processing Integrated Plant). Sobstvenno-Kachkanarskoe deposit

Different variants of ore stripping and transportation to existing process plant have been developed. Cutting edge technologies were used that allowed «fitting» new mining and transportation scheme into existing construction site at minimum expense.

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